Keith Sagar: Ted Hughes and Nature: 'Terror and Exultation'

Keith Sagar's new full-length study Ted Hughes and  ... [more]

Edward Hadley: The Elegies of Ted Hughes. Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

Palgrave Macmillan has just published Edward Hadley's  ... [more]


The following pages collect information on criticism of Ted Hughes's work, including critical publications, online essays and information on conferences.

As with the other sections, web site building is still ongoing, so please bear with me.

Below you will find a chronological list of critical publications (newest publications first). For separate listings with essays and book publications only, please use the menu on the left.

New Casebooks: Ted Hughes.

Editor: Gifford, Terry
Authors: Coupe, L.; Davis, A., Drangsholt, J.S.; Gifford, T.; Groszewski, G.; Kerridge, R.; Moulin, J.; O'Connor, D.; Ralph, I.; Roberts, N.; Sagar, K., ... [more]

The Poetry of Ted Hughes. A reader's guide to essential criticism.

Author: Byrne, Sandy
Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2014 [more]

The Cambridge Companion to Ted Hughes

Editor: Gifford, Terry
Authors: Bate, J.; Bentley, P.; Brain, T.; Brandes, R.; Corcoran, N.; Davis, A., Gifford, T.; Gill, J.; Hong, C.; Moulin, J.; Roberts, N.; Zajko, V.; ... [more]

The Grief of Influence: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

Author: Clark, Heather

Published by Oxford Unversity Press, 2011 [more]

"Ted Hughes and Theatre"

Author: Supple, Tim
Published online at, November 2010 [more]

Ted Hughes and Translation

Author: Weissbort, Daniel

Published by Richard Hollis, 2011 [more]

The Essential Self: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath

Author: Myers, Lucas

Published by Richard Hollis, 2011 [more]

"Seancing with Ted"

Author: Davids, Roy

Published online at, 12 September 2010 [more]

"What is the Truth? Ted Hughes, Childhood, Memories and Stories"

Author: Kazzer, Claas

Published online at, 12 August 2010 [more]

"Adam and the Sacred Nine: A Cabbalistic Drama"

Author: Skea, Ann

Published on Ann Skea's website, 21 July 2010 [more]

"'Family relations' – Traces of a cosmology in Ted Hughes's Creation Tales"

Author: Kazzer, Claas

Published online at, July 2010 [more]

"The Oedipus Myth in Ted Hughes's Crow"

Author: Pollard, Sophie

Published online at, 2010 [more]

"Ted Hughes and 'A Separate Little Self'"

Author: Elkin, Roger

Published online at, 2010 [more]

The Elegies of Ted Hughes

Author: Hadley, Edward

Published by Palgrave and Macmillan, 2010 [more]

Ted Hughes and Nature: 'Terror and Exultation'

Author: Sagar, Keith

Published by Fastprint Publishing, 2010

not seen [more]

Memories of Ted Hughes 1952–1963

Author: Huws, Daniel

Published by Richard Hollis, 2010 [more]

"Ted Hughes, Translation and Ecopoetics"

Author: Gifford, Terry

Published in Modern Poetry and Translation, 3: 2010, pp. 76–81 [more]

"Occult Energies"

Author: Skea, Ann

Published on the Translation Café website, 10 February 2010 [more]

"The Making of Birthday Letters"

Author: Davids, Roy

Published online at, 2009

"Hidden Influences in the Poetry of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath"

Author: Elkin, Roger

Published online at, 2009 [more]

"Ted Hughes' Undergraduate Years at Pembroke College, Cambridge: Some Myths Demystified"

Author: Wilcockson, Collin

Published in Agenda, Vol. 44 No 4 / Vol 45 No 1, 2009 [more]

Ted Hughes (Routledge Guides to Literature)

Author: Gifford, Terry

Published by Routledge, 2009 [more]

"Ted Hughes as an Elegist: The Vegetation Deity and Fertility Rites in 'Lupercalia'"

Author: Hadley, Edward

Published on, 2008 [more]

"Ted Hughes and 'The Zodiac in the Shape of a Crown'"

Author: Skea, Ann

Published at, 2008 [more]

"A Response to the Letters of Ted Hughes"

Author: Gifford, Terry

Originally commissioned for Wolf 17, 2007, pp. 65–6 [more]

Ted Hughes. A Literary Life

Author: Roberts, Neil

Published by Macmillan, 2006 (paperback 2009) [more]

Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Transforming Poetics and Memory with Emory's Ted Hughes Archive

Author: Schuchard, Ronald (ed.)

Emory internal publication, Emory Across Academe, No. 6,
Emory University 2006.  [more]

"'Creatures of Light'"

Author: Skea, Ann

Paper presented at Emory University in 2005, online at [more]

Ted Hughes: Alternative Horizons

Author: Moulin, Joanny (ed.)

Published by Routledge, 2004 [more]

Her Husband: Hughes and Plath: A Marriage

Author: Middlebrook, Diane

Published by Viking Adult, 2003 (paperback: Penguin 2004)

"Ted Hughes's Tabletalk - a Counterblast"

Author: Davids, Roy

Published online at [more]

Ted Hughes: A Beginner's Guide

Author: Bell, Charlie

Published by Hodder & Stoughton, 2002 [more]

"Ted Hughes (1930-1998): Before and Since"

Author: Moulin, Joanny

Published in EJES (European Journal of English Studies) April 2002


Author: Davids, Roy

Published in The Author and online at, 2002 [more]

Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet

Author: Feinstein, Elaine

Published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2001 [more]

"The Tragic Equation: Semiotics of Myth in Ted Hughes' Shakespeare"

Author: Brlek, Tomislav

Published in Bernard, Jeff and Gloria Withalm (eds.): Mythen, Riten, Simulakra: Semiotische Perspektiven / Myths, Rites, Simulacra: Semiotic Perspectives. ... [more]

The Other Sylvia Plath

Author: Brain, Tracy

Published by Longman, 2001 [more]

Interview with Fay Godwin on Remains of Elmet and Elmet

Author: Gifford, Terry

Published in Thumbscrew, No 18, Spring 2001, pp. 114–117

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