Biographical Publications

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The Cambridge Companion to Ted Hughes

Editor: Gifford, Terry
Authors: Bate, J.; Bentley, P.; Brain, T.; Brandes, R.; Corcoran, N.; Davis, A., Gifford, T.; Gill, J.; Hong, C.; Moulin, J.; Roberts, N.; Zajko, V.; ... [more]

"The Double-ended Key" [Poems]

Author: Davids, Roy
Published by Acumen Publications, 2011 [more]

The Grief of Influence: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

Author: Clark, Heather

Published by Oxford Unversity Press, 2011 [more]

"Ted Hughes and Theatre"

Author: Supple, Tim
Published online at, November 2010 [more]

The Essential Self: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath

Author: Myers, Lucas

Published by Richard Hollis, 2011 [more]

"Seancing with Ted"

Author: Davids, Roy

Published online at, 12 September 2010 [more]

"What is the Truth? Ted Hughes, Childhood, Memories and Stories"

Author: Kazzer, Claas

Published online at, 12 August 2010 [more]

Memories of Ted Hughes 1952–1963

Author: Huws, Daniel

Published by Richard Hollis, 2010 [more]

"Occult Energies"

Author: Skea, Ann

Published on the Translation Café website, 10 February 2010 [more]

"Ted Hughes' Undergraduate Years at Pembroke College, Cambridge: Some Myths Demystified"

Author: Wilcockson, Collin

Published in Agenda, Vol. 44 No 4 / Vol 45 No 1, 2009 [more]

Savage Gods, Silver Ghosts: In the Wild with Ted Hughes

Author: Boyanowsky, Ehor

Published by Douglas & McIntyre, 2009

with b/w illustrations [more]

Letters of Ted Hughes

Author: Hughes, Ted;
Selected and edited by Christopher Reid

Published by Faber & Faber, 2007

Corrected and improved paperback,
Faber & Faber, 2009

Ariel. The Restored Edition

Author: Plath, Sylvia

Published by HarperCollins, 2004
With a foreword by Frieda Hughes [more]

Her Husband: Hughes and Plath: A Marriage

Author: Middlebrook, Diane

Published by Viking Adult, 2003 (paperback: Penguin 2004)

Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet

Author: Feinstein, Elaine

Published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2001 [more]

Crow Steered / Bergs Appeared: Additional Notes and Minor Corrections.

Author: Myers, Lucas

Published on, 2001 [more]

Crow Steered / Bergs Appeared. A Memoir of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath

Author: Myers, Lucas

Published by Proctor's Hall Press, 2001 [more]

The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Author: Plath, Sylvia

Published by Anchor Books, 2000
Edited by Karel Kukil [more]

Ariel's Gift: Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and the Story of Birthday Letters

Author: Wagner, Erica

Published by W. W. Norton & Company, 2000  [more]

"The Thanksgiving and Memorial Service for Ted Hughes"

Author: Skea, Ann

Published online at, 1999

"Ted Hughes Timeline"

Author: Skea, Ann

Published online at, 1999

"The Rock"

Author: Hughes, Ted

Essay, published in The Listener, 19 Sept. 1963, pp. 421 -- 423
slightly revised in Writers on Themselves, BBC, London, 1964 [more]