Ted Hughes: How the Whale Became and Stories (audio) (cover)

"Ted Hughes at the Adelaide Festival Writers' Week, March 1976"

Author: Hughes, Ted

Transcript of Ted Hughes's commentary on his poems by Ann Skea
From a reading held in Adelaide, March 1976
Online at ann.skea.com

The reading included some early poems and several poems from Crow. Hughes here also tells part of the link narrative between the poems.

  • The Thought Fox
  • Six Young Men
  • View of a Pig
  • Hawk Roosting
  • Theology
  • Out
  • Full Moon and Little Frieda
  • Examination at the Womb Door
  • A Childish Prank
  • The Black Beast
  • A Horrible Religious Error
  • Song for a Phallus
  • Notes for a Little Play
  • Lovesong
  • How Water Began to Play

The transcript is online at http://ann.skea.com/Adelaide.htm