Joanny Moulin (ed.): Ted Hughes: Alternative Horizons

Joanny Moulin (ed.): Ted Hughes: Alternative Horizons

Ted Hughes: Alternative Horizons

Author: Moulin, Joanny (ed.)

Published by Routledge, 2004

This volume collects proceedings from the Ted Hughes 2000 Conference in Lyon.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Leonard M. Scigaj: "The Deterministic Ghost In The Machine Of Birthday Letters."
  • Gayle Wurst: "Words To 'Patch The Havoc': The Imagination Of Ted Hughes In The Poetry Of Sylvia Plath."
  • Carol Bere: "Complicated With Old Ghosts: The Assia Poems."
  • Terry Gifford: "'Dead Farms, Dead Leaves': Culture As Nature In Remains Of Elmet And Elmet."
  • Christian La Cassagnère: "Ted Hughes's Crying Horizons: 'Wind' And The Poetics Of Sublimity."
  • Ann Skea: "Poetry And Magic."
  • Stephen Enniss: "Self-Revelation, Self-Concealment And The Making Of The Ted Hughes Archive."
  • Axel Nesme: "Drives And Their Vicissitudes In The Poetry Of Ted Hughes."
  • Neil Roberts: "Hughes And The Female Addressee."
  • Joanny Moulin: "Ted Hughes's Anti-Mythic Method."
  • Diane Wood Middlebrook: "In Search Of The Autobiography Of Ted Hughes."
  • Claas Kazzer: "'Earth-Moon': Ted Hughes's Books For Children (And Adults)."
  • Paul Volsik: "Ted Hughes And The Folk Tale."