Ted Hughes: Seneca's Oedipusl (cover)

Ted Hughes: Seneca's Oedipus (paperback)

Seneca's Oedipus. Adapted by Ted Hughes.

Author: Hughes, Ted

Published by Faber & Faber, 1969
US ed.: Doubleday, 1972

At the end of the sixties and in the early seventies Ted Hughes worked with Peter Brook's International Theatre Company, adapting and providing material for the company's experiments and rehearsal. The collaboration culminated in the productions of Oedipus and the unpublished Orghast. (Rumour has it that the Orghast script is lost.) Apparently, Hughes was also involved in the production of Peter Brook's movie King Lear.

See also A.C.H. Smith: Orghast at Persepolis (London: Methuen, 1972) for an account of the Orghast rehearsals and performances. Several books on Peter Brook do also include notes on Oedipus and the Orghast venture.