Ted Hughes: <em>Remains of Elmet</em> (paperback)

Ted Hughes: Remains of Elmet (paperback)

Ted Hughes: <em>Three Books</em> (paperback)

Ted Hughes: Three Books (paperback)

Ted Hughes: <em>Elmet</em> (paperback)

Ted Hughes: Elmet (paperback)

Remains of Elmet

Author: Hughes, Ted

Published by Faber & Faber, 1979
US ed.: Harper & Row, 1979

Photographs by Fay Godwin

Remains of Elmet presents Ted Hughes's first collaboration with a photographer, Fay Godwin.

It is a celebration of the area where he spent the first seven years of his childhood. The poems reflect on its landscape, environment, and its people who are said to live in the remains of the Celtic kingdom of Elmet.

It is a very beautiful book but Hughes seems to have felt that some of the photographs and poems did not go together well enough, and that the original book dwelt on the idea of the 'remains' too much. Thus, the 1994 revised edition published as Elmet is virtually presents a different book.

In her book Ted Hughes. The Poetic Quest, Ann Skea offers a guide to the work (ann.skea.com). Ann also has an essay on-line called "Regenerations in Remains of Elmet".

Three Books (Faber & Faber, 1993) includes a version without the photographs. See also: Elmet and Ted Hughes & Paul Muldoon (audio tape).


Note: For a comparison with the revised edition Elmet (1994) see the entry on Elmet.

Remains of Elmet

  • [The Dark River]
  • [Preface]
  • Where The Mothers
  • Hardcastle Crags
  • Lumb Chimneys
  • Open To Huge Light
  • These Crasses OfLight
  • Moors
  • The Trance Of Light
  • It Is All
  • Long Screams
  • Curlews In April
  • Curlews Lift
  • Hill Walls
  • Walls
  • First, Mills
  • Hill-Stone Was Content
  • Mill Ruins
  • Wild Rock
  • The Sheep Went On Being Dead
  • The Big Animal Of Rock
  • Tree
  • Heather
  • Rock Has Not Learned
  • Remains Of Elmet
  • There Come Days To The Hills
  • Dead Farms, Dead Leaves
  • When Men Got To The Summit
  • Churn-Milk Joan
  • Grouse-Butts
  • The Weasels We Smoked Out Of The Bank
  • High Sea-Light
  • A Tree
  • Bridestones
  • Where The Millstone Of Sky
  • Spring-Dusk
  • Football At Slack
  • Sunstruck
  • Willow-Herb
  • The Canal's Drowning Black
  • The Long Tunnel Ceiling
  • Under The World's Wild Rims
  • Two
  • Mount Zion
  • The Ancient Briton Lay Under His Rock
  • Rododendrons
  • Crow Point Pensioners
  • For Billy Holt
  • Heptonstall
  • You Claw The Door
  • Emily Bronte
  • Haworth Parsonage
  • Top Withens
  • The Sluttiest Sheep In England
  • Auction
  • Widdop
  • Light Falls Through Itself
  • In April
  • The Word That Space Breathes
  • Heptonstall Old Church
  • Tick Tock Tick Tock
  • Cock-Crows
  • Heptonstall Cemetery
  • The Angel