Ted Hughes: <em>Earth-Moon</em> (1976, limited ed.) - Ted Hughes illustrations

Ted Hughes: Earth-Moon (1976, limited ed.) - Ted Hughes illustrations

Ted Hughes: <em>Moon-Whales</em> (1976) - Leonard Baskin illustrations

Ted Hughes: Moon-Whales (1976) - Leonard Baskin illustrations

Ted Hughes: <em>Moon-Whales</em> (1976) - Chris Riddell illustrations

Ted Hughes: Moon-Whales (1976) - Chris Riddell illustrations


Author: Hughes, Ted

Publisher: Rainbow Press , 1976

Illustrated by Ted Hughes

This book exists in two versions (different covers). In it, Hughes continues his exploration of the Moon at the bottom of our dreams, as he called it in Poetry in the Making. The beautiful little book was published as a limited edition by the Rainbow Press in 1976). It has a much wider range of topics and tone than The Earth-Owl.

A trade edition collecting the poems of Earth-Moon and The Earth-Owl was published in the US in 1976 with illustrations by Leonard Baskin (Moon-Whales and Other Moon Poems). A revised UK edition (Moon-Whales) came out in 1988.

See also Poetry in the Making, The Earth-Owl and Other Moon-People, Moon-Whales and Other Moon Poems and Moon-Whales.


  • A Moon-Lily
  • Moon-Weapons
  • Moon-Mirror
  • The Moon-Oak
  • Mushrooms on the Moon
  • The Moon-Bull
  • Moon-Ways
  • Moon-Walkers
  • Moon-Wind
  • Moon-Ravens
  • Moon-Witches
  • The Moon-Hyena
  • Moon-Bells
  • Moon-Heads
  • Moon-Thorns
  • Singing on the Moon
  • Moon-Marriage
  • Moon-Wings
  • Moon-Shadow-Beggars
  • The Moon-Mourner
  • Moon-Whales
  • Moon-Theatre
  • Moon-Thirst
  • Moon-Clock
  • A Moon-Witch
  • Visiting the Moon
  • The Moon-Mare
  • The Moon-Haggis
  • Moony Art
  • A Moon-Hare
  • Earth-Moon