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The Poetry and Voice of Ted Hughes (audio)

Author: Hughes, Ted

Published by Caedmon (CDL51535), 1977
Cassette tape/Vinyl record.


  • The Thought-Fox
  • The Jaguar
  • Wind
  • Six Young Men
  • Mayday on Holderness
  • The Retired Colonel
  • View of a Pig
  • Sunstroke
  • Pike
  • An Otter
  • Hawk Roosting
  • Icecrust and Snowflake
  • Sheep (Pt. I)
  • His Legs Ran About
  • Fragments from Lum's [sic] Remains:
  1. What Will You Make of Half a Man
  2. The Sea Grieves
  3. A Primrose Petal's Edge
  4. Once I Said Lightly
  5. Collision with the Earth
  6. When the Still-Soft Eyelid
  7. The Dead Man Lies
  8. This Is the Maneater's Skull
  9. Every Day the World
  10. Waving Goodbye
  11. A Bang — A Burning
  12. Calves
  • Bride and Groom

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