Friday 25. March 2011
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Mystery Salmon Poem

A while ago, Bruce Sandison of The Salmon Farm Monitor contacted me if I could confirm the origins of a little salmon poem presumedly written by Ted Hughes. Unfortunately, I couldn't.

Here is the poem:

The salmon is a miracle, on that we're all agreed,
We know he is a miracle, but not the one we need,
To organise the baboon brains that govern human greed.

Bruce Sandison wrote that a version was quoted in the June 1993 Progress Report of the Atlantic Salmon Trust as part of a Keynote Address delivered by Magnus Magnusson, then Chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage:

"In just a few brief lines he [Ted Hughes] encapsulates everything I have been trying to say:

The salmon is a miracle...
But all that's been agreed
We know he is a miracle –
But not the one we need
To organise the baboon brains
That govern human greed."

Have you seen the poem before and can you confirm its source? If so, please contact us.