Tuesday 25. September 2012
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New essay by Michael Baldwin

There is a new essay our on ann.skea.com: Michael Baldwin's "Ted Hughes and Shamanism". It was one of the essays originally slated for the collection of memoirs edited by Lucas Myers and Bertram Wyatt Brown in 2008/2009. The publishers (Louisiana State University Press) were eventually obliged to cancel  publication due to difficulties in obtaining copyright permissions.

Michael Baldwin is a widely published poet, novelist, essayist and short-story writer. He was a long-time friend of Ted Hughes and in this memoir he recalls their shared (usually sceptical) fascination with magic. He also writes of A. Alvarez's disparagement of Ted as a shaman.

You can read the full article Opens external link in new windowhere.

Luckily, several other papers from the memoirs collection have ben salvaged and published elsewhere. Here's what was the preliminary Table of Contents, with my notes on essays available.

Introduction: Hughes and History
Lucas Myers

Part One: Essays

  1. Opens external link in new window Ted Hughes and the Theatre
    Tim Supple [now on Opens external link in new windowann.skea.com]
  2. Ted Hughes and Shamanism
    Michael Baldwin [now on Opens external link in new windowann.skea.com]
  3. Ted Hughes and Translation
    Daniel Weissbort [published separately as a book Ted Hughes and Translation (Richard Hollis, 2010)]
  4. Occult Energies
    Ann Skea [now on Opens external link in new windowann.skea.com]
  5. Discourses of Activism in Reconnected Work of Ted Hughes
    Terry Gifford
  6. Ted’s Letters
    Lucas Myers
  7. Opens external link in new windowWhat Is Truth? Ted Hughes, Childhood, Memories, and Stories
    Claas Kazzer [here on this site]

    Part Two: Memoirs 

  8. Memories of Ted Hughes 1952-53
    Daniel Huws [published separately as a book Memories of Ted Hughes 1952–1963 (Richard Hollis, 2010)]
  9. Ted Hughes and His St. Botolph Friends, 1955-56
    Bertram Wyatt-Brown
  10. Ted Hughes
    Paul Muldoon
  11. Ted Hughes and I: Preparing Books of Poetry
    Seamus Heaney
  12. Opens external link in new windowThe Thanksgiving and Memorial Service for Ted Hughes Westminister Abbey, 13 May 1999
    Ann Skea [now on Opens external link in new windowann.skea.com]
  13. How Ted and Sylvia Thought
    Lucas Myers [Lucas Myers extended his contributions into the book The Essential Self: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath (Richard Hollis, 2011)]