Sunday 22. December 2013
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Supplement to Sylvia Plath Bibliography

Sylvia Plath: An Analytical Bibliography compiled by Steve Tabor (who collaborated with Keith Sagar on the first and second editions of Ted Hughes: A Bibliography) was published in 1988.

Peter Steinberg, who keeps the respected Sylvia Plath Information Blog dedicated to Sylvia Plath and her work, is currently compiling a supplement to the Sylvia Plath Bibliography. The supplement includes articles about Plath, books and reviews of her works, reviews of works about her, etc. If you are studying or researching Plath's work and need up-to-date information about publications etc. then Peter is likely to be able to provide it. If you come across items which should be added to the supplement, Peter would be happy to hear about them.

You can contact him at Opens window for sending emailpeterksteinberg {at}